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hahaha! 2.5 months already ? Felt like it was longer than that. 

Just coming out to say: 
Journals dead

 Feel free to de-friend it now. ♥

Doin' an art Meme now~

stolen and editted from Azu ~!

Themes 13
1. Casual -
2. Stripes -
3. Hat
4. Awesome Shoes
5. Layered -
6. Tie
7. Fan Girl/Boy
8. Team Uniform
9. Someone Else’s/Borrowed
10. Trench Coat
11. Tattoo/s and/or Piercing
12. Current Styles
13. Royal

I'm doin this on the Organization~ Then when I'm done I'll attempt to do it on OC's or something XD Hopefully I can force myself to finish all of these tonight *A*

next up is XALDIN... with a hat... muahahah  >:D



I know it's probably kind of late, but if you guys ever want to make banners or icons or whatever out of my artwork, feel free. Do it without asking if you want to. I don't mind! Just please, please  give some credit to me if you're forcing people to cred u for your workI've seen so many of banners or icons made with someone saying 'credit to ___(*insert random person here*____' and it bothers me lyke whoa because then people assume that the credited person did the artwork itself when that isn't true.

I love seeing my art being used, I do. But either you credit BOTH the iconist and the artist or no one at all. At least when it's no one I kind of feel like 'o hay their being lazy. That's cool'. I used to do icons too, so I understand it might be hard to do it for Japn fansites. But you guys know me and I don't ever really upload my artz anywhere but here, so...

I hope I'm not coming off as being all snotty or attention seeking or anything! I really don't mean to be if I am.

AT A HAPPIER NOTE. Here's sum akudemy artz. :D

<3 LOL I knew that porn would get me one day
How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension38
Your crimePosting all that damn porn!
Who reported youscrew_innocence



Sorry, but I'm going to slowly move to greatest journal, guyz :D


I'll fix it up and beautiful it and whatnot. It won't be easy to slowly change to greatest journal though D: I'll still be here for a little while though. (and might stay if I get too lazy) Who knows at this point?

Anyone else got one? SAY HERE IF YOU DO :DD

oh and a quick h/d oekaki (which I need to add harry's scar... oops)



Finished it all in 2 days D: And made sure to ignore all internetz during that time, so sorry!

... I can't believe it's finally over. *sobs*

stolen from snm_queen ♥
Spoilers for Twilight princess though! D: 


I think my brother knows about my gay porn obsession o_o


The time I post, I swear I'm going to have some artz for you guys. I'm really unproductive lately XD;

I am really conflicted here. I can choose two different art programs and they both have there strong points and craps, so if it was YOU, which would you choose, based on the pro's and cons of each program? 

Summary: Let's say you're currently taking a year off schooling to pimp up your portfolio for scholarships. You'll need to finish class by March 2008, which gives you 9 months to prepare. You can't choose not going to either because you're a lazy bum who won't improve without some pushing D: SO-!

Program 1: (montecito fine arts)

very good teachers
very large classrooms
gives you laptop when you complete all the courses 
very specialized in 3-D animation (Maya)
speaks chinese so mom can understand
every person you know said that place was really good

Must take it Mon - Thur (1-6 pm) and Sunday (9 - 4 pm)
IT'S VERY FAR AWAY. 40 minute drive to get there, EVERYDAY D:
Kinda expensive (16,000$)
doesn't spend much time on improving your artistic hand skillz, rather they try to teach you more computer Maya instead and how to 3d animate

And MAYBE EVEN: if father allows, which I DOUBT, I might be able to rent and apartment near there. It'll be like an adorable little mini-college dorm experience! How cute.

Program 2: (vision21) 

very nearby ( you can walk there! )
you WILL improve artistically (more hand drawings)
helps with scholarships
More one on one kind of teaching
helps more with painting, drawing, and portfolio stuffs.

very few teachers (who have mediocre teaching skills)
not worth the amount of money spent (15,000)
very small teaching facility
speaks Korean so you feel... very unincluded at times D:
main teacher hasn't even gone into college yet :\ She's really young

I need to make a decision by monday and I'm seriously not sure. I know that if I choose either one I'll probably be crazy busy throughout my summer, but I'll improve lyke whoa! But... yeah. CHOOSE ONE. And tell me why, please D: I'm all indecisive and it's making me all hot and bothered.

Jun. 27th, 2007

You guys HAVE to watch this, LMAO!! It just fits him so perfectly XDDD
I'm really conflicted on whether or not I should go to Yaoi-con or not. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to AX this year D: If I am, it's only becuase I want to buy artist alley stuffz, and rape all the OrgXIII cosplayers... ARGH.

Yaoi-con = 400$ (room and plane)
                   +200$ (food & extra buying stuffz)
                  = 600$

And if I go i'll be going alone (*emoemo*) cuz no one else I know that's 18 would want to go all the way to yaoi-con with me :\ IS IT WORTH IT?

and as for AX, It's been so hectic, I don't even know if I really want to go this year XD;; I mean, I haven't got my cosplay outfit ready, I'm still all fat and uncosplay worthy anyways, and I haven't bought the ticket D: cuz I can only go 2/4 days anyways! I just found out yesterday that AX was THIS FRIDAY. *freaks* 

okay, I can share a hotel room with a person for 120
and I can carpool! How annoying would it be to drive 8 hours.... hmm. that'd be around 80$ worth of gas. And then I'd have people carpool with me if I can get to them and have them pay for mah gas :D Then it'd go from 400$ to 120$! W00T! Or have someone carpool me and I'll pay them gas sharage XD Sounds like a plan!